Alessia, Financial Services Lawyer

Alessia is a financial services lawyer from Toronto and the woman behind the instagram page @todaysprofessionelle. She started it as she needed a creative outlet and has recently launched her IG TV series where she talks about everything she has learned in her career so far. 

About Alessia

Tell us about you.
I'm Alessia, a financial services lawyer from Toronto, at your service! When people hear the word 'lawyer', they automatically assume a few key things: type-A personality, over-achiever/workaholic, someone who enjoys arguing for a living. In my case, all of that happens to be true! But I am also so, so much more than the stereotypical lawyer (and most of the women I meet in law are, too).
People told me all my life that I'd make a good lawyer, because I always got really strong grades in school while somehow talking my way out of having to turn in my homework. Like most young people who go to university, I had no idea what I wanted to be for the rest of my life - I just knew I was smart and liked to work hard. So when I received early acceptance to one of the top law schools in Canada, I went. The rest is history. 

Let's Talk Business

What is it really like to be a lawyer?

Oof. Honestly, there are days when being a young, stylish woman and a professional lawyer at the same time is not easy. For the first two years of my career, I regularly worked 12-18 hour days (including weekends). I love my work and being challenged everyday, but it's hard to love ANYTHING you're doing for that many hours a day. I also felt stifled in terms of my self-expression: in every room I entered for those first two years, I was the only person with colourful clothing or nail polish, or who openly discussed things like my obsession with The Bachelor.

That's how @todaysprofessionelle was born. I needed an outlet to reinvigorate my creative side after having spent years focused on nothing but law! I've always loved fashion - I was a writer for fashion sites during university and missed that side of myself. Recently, though, my vision for @todaysprofessionelle has moved beyond workwear - I don't want to just show young women how to dress for work, I want to provide concrete advice to help women get ahead. I just launched an IGTV series on women in the workplace where I talk about everything I've learned in my career so far: where to find mentors, how to negotiate their salary, all that good stuff. 

I'm always getting ideas for topics from people who DM me on Instagram, so reach out if you have any questions you want answered!



Dressing for work.

This is such a loaded topic for young women, especially in my industry. Most people will advise you to play it safe in the beginning - navy suit for interviews, classic workwear for the first couple of months in a new job. 

At this point in my career, I have thrown all of that advice out the window. Now that I've built up a reputation, my work, rather my wardrobe, speaks for me. If you're still new in the professional world, you may want to spend some time building credibility before you can get away with pink suits. 

At the office, I'm usually wearing a mix of high- and low-end pieces. I tend to go for higher quality classic pieces (navy or black blazers, high quality dress pants and white collared shirts), but I pair them with fast-fashion brands so that my work outfits are still always trendy. Right now, I'm really feeling capes instead of blazers (check out Zara), and wide-leg coloured pants with a classic Oxford shirt. I also like to push the envelope when I can - my most recent purchase was an oversized lavender suit for spring.


You can find Alessia on Instagram @todaysprofessionelle. If you have enjoyed this interview, let us know by leaving a comment down below!  



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