Kate, Founder, The Corporate Life & Assistant Project Manager

Kate is an Assistant Project Manager and the Founder of The Corporate Life. She started the instagram page initially as she felt there needed to be more positive role models on social media that promoted working hard to reach your goals and also to be a platform to inspire women and let them know they can achieve anything they strive for in life. 

About Kate & The Corporate Life

I am currently working full time as an Assistant Project Manager for a firm in Brisbane City where I have been mainly working on the design and delivery of retail developments throughout South East Queensland. I enjoy Project Management and find value in the work I do but I also enjoy helping others find the job of their dreams. 

I started working from a very young age cleaning my mother’s office every weekend, something I never want to do again. I typed up my resume and walked around a large shopping center leaving my resume at every shop but not one person called me back. I realised just leaving my resume was not enough so my next application was in person and I started working at a local fish and chip shop. 

After leaving high school and while completing my degree I moved onto working in hospitality. Before long I had managed to work my way into a position within the office of the hospitality group, which lead to gaining great office experience. When I decided it was time to leave hospitality, I pursued a career in finance which was in line with my degree. I worked in finance for about 4 years before making the move into property. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, but always feel that I could be doing more. This is where The Corporate Life came in. 

I started The Corporate Life Instagram initially as I felt that there needed to be more positive role models on social media that promoted working hard to reach your goals and also to be a platform to inspire young women to dress for the role.  I see many young women struggling with what to wear to an interview or what they should be purchasing to have in their work wardrobe and I really wanted to help.

Many people do not know the basics of how to start applying for roles!  It was a concept that was so natural to me as I had been doing this my whole life and had a family who were very business focused. I found that my friends were always coming to me for help on how to write a resume, should they call the business back afterwards, what should they do next. I realised if my friends were asking the same questions, then there was probably many more people who wanted this information too. 

I am now developing my business to further assist anyone who is wanting to enter into a new role or progress in their current role. I want to be the helping hand that will support you on all of your future endeavours. 


Let's Talk Business

I am an Assistant Project Manager for a global company that advises corporate and institutional clients on residential and corporate property. I applied for the position while working in finance and without any previous experience. What helped me secure the position was my enthusiasm in the interview and how I kept in contact with the interviewer throughout the process. After four long months of interviewing process, I showed the most determination, which landed me the role.  

My confidence comes from being well prepared. As well as working full time I am also completing a Business Degree so I really need to be well organised to go to the gym early morning then dress for work then uni in the evening.  Being resilient is also extremely important in the corporate world (and any job really!).  Being able to take on criticism, grow from it, not let the little things weigh you down, don't let a set back stop you from chasing you dreams. I have reached a lot of my goals, but none without difficulties or obstacles. Learn what you need for yourself when you have a set back that will help you get back on top! 

My family has been a huge inspiration for me and inspired me to work hard and look for opportunities. I think it is also in my nature to strive to improve my situation.  I have always wanted to push myself further and have no issue with reaching out to people who are able to help make this happen. A network of supportive people in your life can make all the difference. The people I surround myself with are all inspirations to me in some way or another. My families work ethic, my partners drive and passion for what he does, my mentors knowledge. I draw on each of these things and try to adapt their amazing traits to assist me reaching my goals.  

Everyone always suggests reading the Barefoot Investor for people who want to get on top of their finances, especially when they start a new job or trying to save for something. My dad was a walking copy of this book as I was growing up so I never found it as inspiring or helpful as others.  A book that I did read at a young age and has always inspired me to push harder and do better is Mao's Last Dancer.  There is a particular scene (I won't give it away) but I always come back to it when I am struggling to progress. I remember what can be achieved and where he achieved it from and it always gives me the extra push I need. 



My business style is a modern, chic, elegance... with a little bit of an edge. I love a good power suit as it makes me feel so confident and untouchable! You don't need a lot of corporate clothes to look good every day.  When I started off in my first office job, I had one black skirt, one pair of black pants, a black blazer and a few different blouses. A combination of these got me through my first year of working, always looking corporate, appropriate and confident.  (Hot tip, a black skirt with a tight black long or short sleeve top makes the combination look like an amazing Little Black Dress!)

When dressing for an interview I always have at least three outfits prepared for call backs. For the first interview I usually wear a skirt and blazer combination with a crisp white button up. This is a classic look that could be worn to any interview, whether it is for McDonald's or to be CEO of Microsoft. The next two outfits I plan based on the feeling I have in my first interview and how I get along with the interviewer. Hopefully I get to wear my other two outfits.


You can find Kate on Instagram @thecorporatelife or visit her website at www.thecorporatelife.com.auIf you have enjoyed this interview, let us know by leaving a comment down below!


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