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Lynn is the founder of The Ambitious Brune, a platform for everything office wear. She started it as a blog, but has now expanded to a digital magazine, power dressing coaching and will soon be launching an office wear capsule collection. After graduating in Law, she started working for a Law Firm - this experience has made her realize that she really wants to follow her passion for both fashion and entrepreneurship and is planning to go full time with her business in the near future.

About Lynn

Who is behind The Ambitious Brune?

My name is Lynn, a 23 old ambitious woman living in Belgium, who graduated in Law in June 2018. At the moment I am still working as a lawyer, but this is not my passion and I am looking for opportunities more in line with my two biggest passions: fashion and entrepreneurship. As a real workaholic, you will always find me behind my computer, in a meeting or looking for new business opportunities. I like working with and helping other ambitious women - my motto is 'collaboration over competition'.

When I am not working you will find me at the gym: weight lifting and boxing, while I am also in for a run or a swim in summer. Working out is very important for me because practicing sports is my me-time and the creative boost for my brain. This in combination with healthy food gives me the energy I need to work every single day on my dreams. 

Let's Talk Business

Tell us about The Ambitious Brune.

The Ambitious Brune was created 5 years ago. I had just started studying Law and I wanted to do something creative on the side. I always wanted to become an entrepreneur but I had no business ideas - so I created a blog, The Ambitious Brune. A blog about ambition and entrepreneurship. I started interviewing entrepreneurs to know more about their story and how they got their business idea. It was a source of inspiration and motivation not only for other people, but also for myself. A year ago, I still had no business idea but I realized something: I always had a passion for fashion. I have restrained it for several years because doing something in fashion is very stereotypical of a woman. I was afraid that people would judge and of course assume there is no future in it. In June 2018, I told myself “let's prove them wrong” and turned The Ambitious Brune in a blog that is all about office wear.

I could not live out of just a blog and I needed a job, so I started working in a law firm - because of my degree the logical next step was becoming a lawyer. After a month, I had realized this was not my dream job and the following months were very hard. I had a job that made me unhappy, a diploma that makes it difficult to do something creative and a business that is my passion but does not give me enough income to live from it. It was during those months that I had the idea of power dressing coaching. As a power dressing coach I help ambitious women look and feel powerful. It is a step further than office wear styling - something I also do. A power outfit is not only office proof but gives you a confidence boost, inspires and motivates you, is in line with your personality and the values you stand for and last but not least it represents your business/role. I am still not working on The Ambitious Brune full time because building a business requires investment. However, one day I will move full time on it.

So when I am saying that The Ambitious Brune is all about office wear, I really mean it: it is a blog and online magazine about workwear, it styles ambitious women and gives them their personal office proof (em)power outfit with my power dressing coaching and it provides powerful business clothes with an office wear capsule collection (launching October 2019).

What advice would you give someone who is facing the struggles you had?

 The one advice I have if you really want to do something, is to just do it. If you want to start your own business, start it. If you want a fashion career, go for it. Not in one year when you are settled, when you got a sign from the universe. Start now. There is never the perfect moment to start, but you might regret you did not start earlier. It will always be scary, you will always face problems and have difficulties on your road and people will always judge you. The most important thing is that you follow your dreams. That you do what you love to do, what gives you energy and what you are passionate about. Always put your own happiness first. 



How would you describe your business style?

I love all the business essentials like a suit, a pencil skirt in combination with a blouse, a simple dress in black or navy and I live by the motto that less is more. My power outfit is definitely a suit. I promised myself to buy a new suit every month and by now, I already have one for each day. I like the classic grey or navy suit with a little white stripe, but I also have a lilac and pink suit I feel very powerful in.

What advice would you give those dressing for a new job?

First of all, check if your company has a dress code. Mostly the dress codes are unwritten, so inform yourself. It also depends from the industry you work in. If you work in a law firm or have a job in the banking world, you should dress business formal. If you work in a more creative industry, wearing a black suit would be too “boring”. In those sectors there is more room to be creative, but always dress appropriate. Not too much skin, not too tight, dress and skirt just above or under the knee. Don´t forget there is always room to follow the newest trends, stand out and show your personality in the way you dress, even in a business formal dress code.


You can find Lynn on Instagram @theambitiousbrune or visit her website at If you have enjoyed this interview, let us know by leaving a comment down below!  

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  • It was great reading and learning more about Lynn. Keep up the great work SFW – we need more women telling their story on your platform. Love what you are doing (and your clothes!)


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