Monika, Investment Banker

Monika is an Investment Banker living in London. She lived in New York for three years before moving back to the UK and has started her instagram page as a way to share her outfits for work. She wanted to get unbiased feedback from like-minded women in her age range. 

About Monika

Tell us a little bit about you and your background

My name is Monika and my family is originally from Bangladesh, however I was born and brought up in London, England. I am proud to be a British-Bengali Londoner. I have a BSc. Computer Science & Financial Management.

I started my Instagram as a way to share my outfits for work as I was a SAHM (stay at home mom) for several years when the children were younger. It was a way in which I could get unbiased feedback from like minded women that were in my age range.

Let's Talk Business

What is your day job and how did you get into it?

As soon as I left university, a friend offered me a job as a software engineer for a warehouse management company. I had no relevant experience, so I was grateful for the opportunity and seized the job. However, it soon became evident that having to spend time working in warehouses to update software while 75 warehouse pickers waited for me, was not my idea of a dream job! So after a year, I managed to secure a place on a graduate recruitment scheme for an Investment Bank.

The graduate training program took me to New York for 6 months, the scheme was intensive professional training courses and lectures that culminated in passing a six hour exam for trading the US markets, the pass mark was 70% and if you failed you were fired. Thankfully, I passed and completed the training program and returned to London. I worked in London for a few years, rotating in different departments, getting exposure to different business areas and how different technologies were used to deliver solutions. My boss at the time, relocated back to New York and offered me a role in his team there, so I relocated to New York too and worked there for 3 years.    

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the same job and what motivates you?

Always be intellectually curious, and never be afraid to ask questions. No one really ever knows how to do a job when they start, irrespective of years of experience, you have to be open to learning.

I feel empowered when as a team we deliver solutions to our business partners that they want to use and make doing their job easier, knowing that they have confidence in the solutions that we have delivered.



How would you describe your business style?

Classic dresser with a colourful twist. 

My current favourite trend in the corporate fashion space is pastel coloured suits.

What advice would you give those dressing for a new job?

Make sure that you know what the dress code is of your new job, if it's casual chic or corporate suits, so that you don't stick out like a sore thumb. Always make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing, so that it fits and flatters your body - not too tight, nor too short. Always make sure that you are happy with your outfit, as when you feel happy you will automatically feel confident. 


 You can find Monika on Instagram @monikagoestowork. If you have enjoyed this interview, let us know by leaving a comment down below!  



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