Nisha, Risk Manager

Nisha works in Risk Management for one of the Big 4 banks in Australia. She shares her work wardrobe on Instagram in order to help other women find looks that will make them look chic and professional in the workplace.


Tell us about your Instagram profile and how it all started. 

I always felt disappointed when I would come home empty-handed, after spending hours sifting through clothing racks looking for the perfect piece for work. The lack of options. The inappropriate cuts. The hefty price tags. Office-friendly workwear was hard to find.

A few months ago, I started sharing my work wardrobe on Instagram to help other women find looks that will make them look professional yet chic in the workplace.

Let's Talk Business

What is your day job and how did you get into it?

Outside of Instagram, I work in risk management for one of the Big 4 banks in Australia. My first role in the bank was actually in customer service. I always had a goal to obtain a role in risk management, but I did not have the experience or a relevant degree, so it was very hard for me to even get an interview. 

After months of rejection, I knew there was more I had to do so I joined the mentoring program, where I was matched with a senior manager in risk management. I would meet with my mentor once a month. I would travel to the city on my days off. I would work the overnight shift and then come back into work during the day. I had to make a lot of sacrifices during this time.

Thankfully, my efforts did not go unnoticed. When a role became available, I was given the opportunity to join the fraud management team.

What is the one thing you believe has helped you succeed and what advice would you give to someone wanting to do the same job?

This experience has taught me many things: to not let failure keep you down, get back up and keep trying because eventually all your hard work will pay off.



How would you describe your business style?

My business style is simple yet chic and sophisticated.

I buy staple items so that I can wear them time and time again by mixing and matching the pieces in my wardrobe. By investing in high-quality garments, I buy less and it saves me money in the long run. It also reduces my environmental footprint.

Ultimately, I look for beautiful clothes that make feel confident and empowered to start my work day.


You can find Nisha on Instagram @nsh.nssn. If you have enjoyed this interview, let us know by leaving a comment down below!


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