SFW is a brand for the modern, ambitious woman who wants to express her personality through style with affordable yet quality and professional clothes, which fit right into the wardrobe. Born and Made in Italy with an international outlook, SFW is on a mission to make women feel motivated and confident every day to go out and own their success.


 SFW was founded by an ambitious and business driven young woman, Rachele. 

Rachele has always looked up to the women who have made a change and believes everyone can. Born and raised in Milan, she has always had a worldly mindset – from moving to London for studies to working in Shanghai.

After graduating in Economics, Rachele went on to start her career as an intern in a multi-national corporation. It was at that time that she felt the need of inspiration for business attire. She felt discouraged by the fast-fashion market as it was the only one in reach for her but it was not fulfilling her needs: quality clothes which actually fitted not only her budget, but also her ambitions. 

 This is how it all started. Tired of looking for inspiration around the internet, she went on to create an instagram page which worked as a creative outlet for her own daily business outfits. The page grew exponentially in a small amount of time and made her realize that other ambitious women were facing her same problem.

So she had the vision of a brand which was Made in Italy with quality fabrics and which made her feel like she could accomplish everything she set her mind to. With her international experience and outlook, she wanted to make available to women around the world clothes which did not just look good, but also feel good. All at an affordable price point.



Our clothes are all made in Tuscany with quality fabrics. All collections are designed based on the needs of modern women: comfort, style and class. Traditional Italian tailored shapes are given a modern twist, for a fresh and powerful look. Enjoy the Italian quality at the best possible price. We get rid of unnecessary huge markups, which enable us to keep the prices low. 


The SFW Woman is ambitious and not afraid of working hard to achieve her goals. A woman who wants to look and feel good by investing in fashionable clothing which are at an affordable Made in Italy - who understands that an expensive price-tag is not always a signal for quality. A woman who wants to feel and be confident in every situation. The go-getter.